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The Essential Flower Essence Book

Genre: Health and Well Being.
Audience: People interested in holistic health, naturopathy and self help.

Mark Wells, a practicing naturopath and counsellor, approached me to redesign his The Essential Flower Essence Book. He desired a new book cover that was expressive, impressionable and above all artistic. He supplied fantastic reference material such as Earthly Bodies by Susan Earlam and upon reading his manuscript and discovering Dr Bach’s sun method for creating flower essences, Mark selected the concept representing said sun method (flowers laid gently in water and placed directly in the sun) as the new cover design.

It was such an honour working on this project with Mark and helping him rebirth The Essential Flower Essence Book.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy learning more about nature and the wonders of flowers, I had the pleasure of learning about a field of knowledge that I had never encountered before.

To learn more about Mark Wells please visit his website and if you’re interested in a copy of The Essential Flowers Book, you can find it available on Amazon.


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The Essential Flower Essence 3rd Concept
The Essential Flower Essence Cover Graphic

 “I highly recommend Alanna for her thoroughness in studying my book’s subject matter, her openness to feedback and her ability to work together as well as her authenticity for being herself.” – Mark Wells BSc.ND.MSocSc, Naturopath & Counsellor

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